Dobrovo Castle

Dobrovo Castle

In Dobrovo there used to be an old castle, which fell to ruins in the course of the centuries. In its place a new renaissance building emerged in the beginning of the 17th century. The original castle has been conserved in relatively the same shape and is today one of the nicest in the Goriška region. The layout of the house shows that the castle is almost a regular square with symmetrically set towers at the corners. The walls were probably built during the Second Venetian War (1615 – 1617) and after the war the walls were rearranged into the corridor with the arcades, one of the towers was changed into the chapel dedicated to Saint Anthony from Padua (Sv. Anton Padovanski). The chapel houses a permanent exhibition of gothic frescoes – originals and copies taken from other churches in the area of the North Primorska region.

The first owners of the castle are believed to be the counts Colloredo and from the end of the 18th century it was the property of the Catterini-Erzberg family from Gorica, then it was in the hands of the marquises of the Montecuccoli family. In 1872 the Baguer family inherited the property trought marriage.

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