Barcelona! – pt.2

After 4-country drive-by we finally rolled our ol’ Merc down the road towards Figueres. That was the only thing that separated us from jumping into the sea. Of course it had to be a long, hot day wit couple of serious traffic jams before we arrived to the Salvador Dali museum. Fascinated by the great artist we gathered strength for the final strech and before dark we were already at soon-to-be Beercelona bar, equipped with excellent Barcelona kraft beer chosen by our splendid host Mitja – again, thank you for everything! In a blink of an eye 4 days passed, filled with laughs, exploring the city in all possible ways and making most unique memories of this adventure. From night-scouting the city, to day trips we did her pretty well. We all had a bitter sweet taste in our mouth on “early” Friday morning when we packed our stuff and vanished towards Paris. Well, it could be quite possible that massive hungover that couple of us had helped that taste, but we were eager to meet another country outside of highways. It took us nearly all day to climb over the Pyrenees again, numerous corners and over 2000 meters of height difference to get to Toulouse, capitol of southern France…

HERE you can check first post about our trip,and HERE the last one. 🙂

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