Toulouse, Paris and way home – pt.3

Toulouse was a blast! We came in the evening and after several circles managed to find a nice hotel in the city centre. After a walk, excellent tacos and a couple of night shots we fell asleep immediately. After morning coffee on Capitolium square we headed towards Paris. everything seemed to be on our side as we rolled down the France’s National Routes. SThe scenery was amazing and the heat was blasting so much that our Merc decided to be blown away a bit. As my patience wasn’t in its place I’ve managed to get some burns on my hand while filling water to the cooling system. Personnel in Limoges hospital has been just awesome, they even let me have visits while they took care for me – thanks for the pic, Milan! Our next stop was Trendy hostel in Paris. They welcomed us very nicely, equipped  us with everything needed, and hosted us for our last night somewhere in Europe. After breakfast we headed under the Eiffel tower, passed Champs Elysees and took a look at Versaille mansion. Afternoon was spent on N4, that took us to Germany. After all-night drive and couple of traffic jams we were headed to Rijeka where our mutual trip ended. It was awesome vacation with best company possible and I can’t wait for the next one!

Part 1 can be seen HERE and part 2 HERE.

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