Siddharta – Nastalo Bo

I feel a bit embarrassed. For almost two months I haven’t published a single post. Maybe I’d go easy on myself if I wouldn’t be involved in couple of extraordinary projects. Three great video shoots, some more photo shoots, removed appendix and a week of hospital. Now I’m slowly recovering and putting the mess created during the last weeks in to order. Yesterday at 8pm you were able to see the premiere of Siddharta‘s 20th video, celebrating their 20thanniversary on MTV Adria. We worked our asses off again, worked late at night, got frozen, got dirty, got tired as f*uck, got drunk… And we got to get the work done! Thank you all, beautiful people, who engaged to help us with this music video!!! Thank you, Matej foryouknowwhat, Sašo – for that last meeting and special thanks to Konjeniški klub Velenje with their significant impact! Check out music video NASTALO BO, hope you like it!

From now on I’ll get better. Soon I’ll upload all the other adventures of past days. 😉

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