Siddharta feat. Urban – Strele v Maju

It’s very hard to write a post that could match the weight of this piece. We live in an era that requires a high degree of tolerance and acceptance to live in coexistence with all the beautiful people around us. Being a huge fan of Damir Urban and Siddharta just fired me up and made me give 110% of myself in this project. I have to say that my precious mate, Matej Grginic, gave even more in incredible directing and cut so the video truly impacts in the way it should. Thanks go also to Maša Kandus for assistance, Sašo Dornik for priceless production, Siddharta and Damir Urban for incredible song and all other people who helped to make this happen. Enjoy it! 😉

Če bi kje ujeli me brez skrbi jaz molčim
Tisto kar v meni je mi ne morejo vzet
Vselej mi v jeziku istem sanjamo
Pred nami morje nad nami isto je nebo, ki raje objeme daje
Ali slišiš ko droni preletavajo
Evropa joka kot da mali je otrok, a v naju so strele v maju

Hodimo skupaj skozi noč
Naši glasovi plašijo zveri
Skupaj ostanemo ljudje
In ta svet ustavimo

Ako te uhvate ne boj se blizu smo
U predgradja na mostove mi stižemo pogledaj jer
Mi sanjamo ptice i obale a iznad nas modro se preljeva nebo traži najbolje od nas
Dok očevi izdaju sinove od kostiju nastaju pustinje
Tko si ti a tko sam ja

Zajedno hodamo kroz noć
Naši su glasovi jači od zvjeri
Zajedno možemo ostati ljudi i možemo zaustaviti svijet


5 thoughts on “Siddharta feat. Urban – Strele v Maju

  1. I don’t understand the words but the visual aspect of it is stunning! It’s a mesmerising narrative on human emotion. Also, every once in a while the singer’s voice reminds me of Robert Smith from The Cure…

      1. Thank you for sending me the lyrics–it’s very much appreciated and the video and words make absolute sense. They are both very powerful, especially since you have contextualized it for me. Creative output is very potent and has the possibility to unite people, or at very least to share emotions that may otherwise get damned up against political lines. Thank you for this.

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