Big Addiction – Ne izgubi se

There are some things that stick with you forever. One of those things in my life is rock and roll. Me and Gogi, founding member of Big Addiction, band that I’m very close to, are living this up to every word. It was about time, after years of following the band as a photographer, to gather strength with boys from Kugar Films (Goran Kužet and Peter Žagar) and make a music video for their new single »Ne izgubi se«. It took us two freezing nights to shoot it, some stunts and alot of courage to film on the hood of a driving car. Thank you all, who made this happen, for your support at this project. The music is awesome, hope you’ll like the video too!

Ps: You can find a gallery with a couple of photos from the shoot on the bottom. 🙂

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