“Kovačeva domačija” homestead

The renovated “Kovačeva domačija” homestead is not a dead and dusty museum, but their second home. Therefore, owners would like to share it with local people and visitors who are interested in how people once lived in Prekmurje, Slovenia thatched houses and how we can combine the past with the needs of modern holiday dwelling. At “Kovačeva domačija” homestead one can feel the atmosphere and peace of Prekmurje plains. The landscape and the hospitality of local people fill you with energy and desire to be with people.

Štefan Kovač, national hero, was a strong personality already as a young man, resolute, cheerful, a good speaker and popular among his fellow people. Being a young intellectual in the years between 1935 and 1941, common ideas connected him to other progressively orientated inhabitants of Eastern Slovenia – Prekmurje – related to the improvement of social and economic conditions and the idea for a stronger relatedness of Prekmurje with the home country of Slovenia. His professional life as a trainee lawyer gave him the opportunity for a lot of contacts with his fellow people and the insight in the social and political occurrences of the time. He was a true people’s tribune for spreading the progressive ideas. Due to his propaganda of the left wing and the criticism of the authorities he was supervised and prosecuted.

The visit was a lovely experience, enjoy the gallery! 🙂

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