Tabu – Prvi Zadnji

Woohooo! It’s kind of an anniversary today. This is my 100th post on this blog. And that’s not all. Today’s post is about something not expected. It was Thursday when Iztok, bass player of Tabu band contacted me, saying they need a clip or simple lyrics video for their upcoming single Prvi Zadnji. There would be nothing special if they wouldn’t need it in a week. As I’m a man of action, I’ve agreed to meet him and discuss the idea. By the end of the week we had it all planned. As we didn’t have enough time nor budget to make complicated script and story, we decided to go for television look of 60’s. On Tuesday we met in the old culture hall of Žalec city where we prepared set that looked like old tv stage. The song is catchy, team was professional and atmosphere very relaxed. We had much fun and laughs, although we worked hard all day until late evening. After that me and my best friend, Goran (thank you soooo much) sat fot two days in a row to edit the result you can see below. Enjoy Tabu‘s Prvi Zadnji video! 😉

p.s.: This is my directing debu. 🙂

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