Neisha – making of new album

Neisha is a versatile and virtuous pianist/singer/songwriter with a classical training. By the age of 16 she became the youngest member of the Slovenian composer’s association(classical music). Her musical talent was quickly noticed by the professionals in the music industry and her debut album was released 3 years later. Titled simply ‘Neisha’ the album was released in 2005 on Slovenian Warner music branch-Nika Records. Album was an instantaneous success and has won Neisha the title of best selling album in 2006 followed by many important nominations and awards in Slovenia (SRF,Viktor,..). Her soulful singing appealed to the masses and she appeared as the opening act and ‘baptized’ MTV Adria the same year. Neisha is considered one of the most acclaimed artists in Slovenia and in the region. Her performances and her dedication to music are astonishing and are still winning the audience. By now she released 4 solo albums. Welcome to the background of making the fifth one with which will be out soon. With an amazing singer stands excellent team – producer Dejan Radičević, Miha Koren on bass and Boštjan Gradišek on drums. Together they did their magic and the day passed in no time. It was a great experience. Enjoy in images and a SHORT VIDEO from the session! 😉

And video:

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