Sweet Seventeen…

You’ve been nice to me. It all started very calm, as usual. Cold, grey January, with a couple of concert highlights leaded me to one of best adventures in years, a trip of extraordinary value with extraordinary friends in extraordinary country of Morocco in February. March went by quickly with some shorter trips to comfort my post-travel depression and ease my way into pretty much lazy April. May was of course totally opposite. Intense spring in majestic Tuscany followed by return to Morocco that stretched into june. Summer went by like it was Friday night. In September I was torn between hop fields, concert stages and admitting to a four legged companion – Dalí. In October I had an opportunity to say goodbye to summer on a very special – Vis island in Croatia. As the days were getting shorter, nights became more colorful and full of music. So the last couple of months were mostly night shifts, concerts, parties, some family shoots and preps for this year. I’ve finally managed to gather some of my favourite photos. It was quite challenging to pick the best of so many happy moments so I couldn’t resist to make this gallery smaller. A big thanks to my family and girl, those who trust a part of their visual appearance to me, those who support me and push me further on my way. I wish you all another peaceful, loving, happy and creative year! Enjoy the gallery. 🙂

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