“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”, says Charles Bukowski. Simplicity, no matter how complicated it looks, gives me enough space in time to stop the selected moment, extract the most discreet side and take it with open hands. Different views, sharp contrasts, rough story and desire to see overlooked guide me through life desiring to show viewers the image, which they will decide for themselves what it says, or enter the world of foreign imagination and trough this visual bridges realize moments through my eyes.

The desire of children’s days with time and effort grew into a lifestyle that offers a promising youngster new challenges and adventures every day. Stopping faces, places and melodies gave rise to serious exploits and I’ve decided to put photography in the first place.

Please note that any of the images seen on this site may be purchased as prints or files to suit your needs. You are welcome to contact me at gasper.pintaric@gmail.com. Any images used without written permission from Gašper Pintarič would be considered a copyright violation.